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Affordable business website optimization with proven sales lead generating results, services include website development, web site hosting, marketing strategy, with search engine placement.
Business Website Design and Optimization - What Works? Does not Work?
Planning on having a web site designed for your small business, needing to create one or are you looking for ways to increase the sales leads being generated (if any) from an existing website the following information will be of enormous benefit to you regardless of whether you decide to do business with us or not.
Measuring Your Web site's Success
The success of any web site strategy can be measured in terms of how many prospects exposed to the marketing/sales strategy actually converts to leads. This benchmark is commonly referred to as the conversion rate. The current industry standard Conversion rate for a business website is 1.8% or roughly 1 new sale or lead for every 100 website visitors.Amazingly enough research shows that the majority of business related websites fall below this benchmark. This fact becomes an even bigger issue when you consider that the standard conversion rate of traditional brick and mortar businesses is a whopping 48%!
Having a Profitable Website
There are however scores of business websites that consistently achieve conversion rates of 10-20% and higher. Even an increase from 1% to just 3% for an existing website would translate into an incredible increase in sales.The methods of achieving these kinds of conversion rates from your business website are Shockingly simple
Why Most Small Business Websites Fail Miserably
Website marketing & development even at this stage is still a relatively new industry. The methods that create higher website conversion rates are slow to be adopted because traditionally website development has been approached from a technological standpoint and not from a marketing and sales standpoint which is the key to understanding these conversion boosting methods.Designers and programmers, however talented and dedicated, simply do not know enough about professional selling. It's not where their talent lies. Yet building and promoting a website that doesn't "know" how to sell is like building a beautiful brick-and-mortar store with a confusing layout, stocking it with great stuff, but then not hiring any salespeople. Let us create a 24/7 sales lead generating web site for your business.
Bottom Line
Ultimately, it's about the conversion rate: the percentage of visitors your site can turn into buyers. Lots of dot-coms have turned into dot-bombs because even though they spent tons of money on "sexy" designs and tons more driving traffic to their sites, they overlooked the tiny fact that they needed to sell to visitors once they arrived at the site. The sad thing is, many of those visitors would have bought happily and could have left delighted.
Your Turn
Wouldn't you like to have a website built for your business that "does" know how to sell? Contact us today for a free quote and e-business consultation
What we can do for your business - Leads - Sales Leads - Customer Leads
This is what we think a website should do
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