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SEO - - Making your business website better

SEO - Making your website better

SEO - Search Engine Optimization, as a profession is a combination of good website design and good online marketing. It has no control or even directly manipulates search engine rankings. For the most part, there is no reverse engineering of algorithms. Simply online marketers who have learned a great deal about how search engines work and how they rank websites. The technical job is to make client sites as friendly as possible for search engines. The marketing job is to make the site as friendly as possible for live-visitors, to advise clients about changes in the search sphere that might affect them for good or for ill, and to take action on items that might not be beneficial for clients.

SEO cannot make a site jump from number eight to number three, at least not with any guarantee of success. What can be done is to make your website or document available to as many search engine spiders and search engine users as possible. Select keyword phrases and arrange them properly on the page. Design and structure website, and leave trails for spiders to complete the submission phase.

SEO cannot tell Google, MSN, Yahoo, ASK or any other search engine to promote our client's sites higher in the listings.

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